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  Did you know that ducks and duck eggs are not a regulated commodity that is overseen by the government? There is not a governing body that checks up the safety and biosecurity of these animals, but at Happy Hens Barnyard we use the same biosecurity measures for our ducks […]

Have you tasted a duck egg?

Our Duck’s Farm Habitat   So where do ducks like to live? What kind of house do they prefer? At the farm, our ducks have nearly an acre of open pasture to live in. They do not have to share their field with any of the other farm animals, and […]

Our Duck Habitat

Happy Hens’ Happy Ducks This week, I am beginning a series of posts about our ducks. The series will include the history of the ducks on our farm, their habitat, the eggs, and their diet. If you have not tried our duck eggs, try them this week! They are delicious! […]

Happy Hens’ Happy Ducks

    Biosecurity and Poultry   Chickens are big business on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland. There are many poultry houses and land farmers that spread manure. As such, cross contamination is always a concern. Before entering the farm, vehicles stop at our biosecurity station where they must spray […]

Biosecurity Around the Farm

The Happy Hens Barnyard is not just full of chickens, and all of our animals are treated like family. This week our goats are chillin’ by the pool.  Camille is working hard in the office, and JacQui is out sweating cutting grass, and taking care of the pigs!     […]

Relaxin’ by the Pool

     Happy Hens….Happy Roosters?      Happy Hens continues to expand their business! Right now we have a few roosters for sale. Aren’t they beauties? This was not in the plan, but after a friend bought more roosters than he could handle, we offered to give him a hand.   […]

Happy Hens….Happy Roosters?