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Keeping It Cool   We had our first heat wave this week in Princess Anne, and temps were in the 90’s for a few days. All the feathers make it difficult for the hens to keep cool, but our barns are built with plenty of ventilation to keep them comfortable. […]

Keeping it Cool

Cartons are essential to our business, otherwise how would you get our products? We have devoted an entire building on our farm to carton storage. We always have thousands of them on hand. Ordering 40 thousand at a time saves us on printing and shipping costs. Currently our cartons come […]

Where do all the cartons come from?

    Feeding Time. The little guys push themselves right in there.   Fresh water is always available.   The hogs use their mouth to move the metal spout around which opens up the valve to let the water flow.     Quite a lot of water is released from […]

Happy Hens’ Happy Hogs

We have taken a big step at Happy Hens’ Barnyard, we are now in WalMart! It makes it extra meaningful that we are in Walmart right here on the Eastern Shore in Fruitland, Maryland. The process to be accepted into WalMart was long and costly, but we finally made it. […]

We Made it to WalMart!

Two days before the big blizzard in January we got an unexpected phone call from the post office; they had 1000 baby roosters for us!! The hatchery had made a mistake and sent us the wrong order. We had hundreds of tiny chicks that we did not have equipment for […]

Surprise Delivery

The blizzard took us by surprise on the Eastern Shore. The wind howled for two days, and we got over a foot of snow, much more than any of the forecasters thought that we might. Once the wind stopped, it was quite beautiful! Our animals on the other hand, didn’t […]

Blizzard of January 2018