Farm Videos

It’s a Chicken’s Life!

Bathing in the Dirt

JacQ́ui tells us about how the chickens get their food and water.

Happy Hens’ Happy Ducks

Ducks in their Farm Habitat

JacQ́ui Filling the Duck Pools

Ducks Swimming and Drinking in their Pools on a Hot Day

Quick View of the Duck Pasture

Cleveland Park Farmers Market

Happy Hen’s First Chicken Selfie

Children Meeting a Chicken for the First Time at the Cleveland Park Farmers Market

Palisades Farmers Market

Scenes from the Palisades Farmers Market

Customer Comments

One of our Most Loyal Customers

Our Eggs Bring Back Good Memories

Around the Farm

Happy Hen’s Happy Roosters

Tom Trying to Catch Hogs to Load on to the Truck

First Snow of Winter, December 2017


Is Happy Hens Barnyard an Organic Farm?

JacQui Talks about Her Hogs

Goat Giving Birth

Kids Running around the Farm

JacQ́ui’s Cooking Videos

Crab Cakes

Sausage Gravy