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19 thoughts on “Post questions about eggs, agriculture, cooking, or Happy Hens products for JacQ’ui to answer.


      Hi Sharon,
      I apologize for my tardiness. The IT media is still new to me.
      Yes. We sell at a year-round farmers’ market in D.C.
      The neighborhood market is called Palisades Farmers’ Market.
      It is located on Macauthor Avenue and 48th Place, NW.
      The Safeway offers parking for our guests!
      Thank you,
      p.s. We can be found in most Harris Teeter Grocery Stores
      in the Virginia and D.C. metropolitan areas, as well as in
      lower Delaware.

        • JacQˈui Post author

          Hi Sharon. Here is an update on our local eggs.
          We are selling our eggs in the West OC area.
          Berlin Organics offers our eggs and a great
          deal of other healthy treats.

          Thanks for your question!

    • JacQˈui Post author

      Hi Katherine,
      I apologize that I missed this message.

      Organic is a label for which people may apply through the Department of
      Agriculture. I choose not to pay this additional fee. I did the homework,
      and I found that I did not agree ethically with the claims made under this

      My farm is treated as natural to the best of our ability.

      It is NOT possible for a product, no matter what it is, to be
      100% organic unless it is grown under strict interior conditions
      whereby these animals or plants are not exposed to nature.

      Most pesticides and herbicides are water and or airborne. That
      means if your neighbor is using any of this, there is a chance
      for spill over. I am very careful with my flocks because several
      years ago, a neighbor sprayed his fields, and I lost 50 ducks
      to this. Since then, I have moved my ducks to the other side of
      the property, and I NEVER allow the ducks to drink from ditches or
      unmonitored water sources. The laying hens drink from a waterline
      that we installed inside their barn.

      Weed-wacking and goats are our main source of weed control. However,
      there have been occasions because of an over-plentitude of rain and
      time constraints that we have had to resort to spraying the fence line.

      Bio-security is our number one concern. Rodents use a farmer’s fence-
      line to “case” the place for possible food. We have bait traps set
      the entire perimeter of our fence line, the exterior perimeter of
      each building, and the interior perimeter of each building. This is
      essential to prevent disease among the animals as well as maintaining
      a healthy, clean environment for my fowl who live at ground level!

      Our animals/poultry never are fed medications or other types of
      chemical based products. During the winter, we provide apple cider
      vinegar to keep them healthy. All our fowl are free ranging on open
      pasture. Our hogs are raised cage-free, so they are able to mingle
      and play with one another.

      We have an open door policy, and you are free to take a field trip
      with us! We enjoy sharing the success of our traditional farming
      practices. I hope I have answered your concerns and questions.

      Thank you for your interest!

  • JacQˈui Post author

    Thank you for your question Sam!
    Our ducks are Khaki Campbells.
    They lay an egg about every 4-5 days.
    We sell these delicious treats for $7/Dz.

    If you are interested in bulk for a bakery
    or such, we can provide them on flats instead
    of by the dozen, and the price could be adjusted
    for that particular situation.

    Have a blessed day!

  • Roxanne Sykes

    Hi there! I really enjoy your duck eggs! I usually buy they from The Local Market in Falls Church VA but they don’t always have them … I live in Arlington VA and was wondering if there was anywhere else to buy your duck eggs? Also, I’m interested to know exactly what you feed your ducks and chickens … thanks so much!

    • JacQˈui Post author

      Thanks for the great question! The ducks and chickens are fed the same diet of grain, oyster shells, flax, and plenty of foraging opportunity. The ducks spend most of their time outdoors where they can forage and eat the most natural diet possible.

      The basic feed list of what we provide for them includes the following:
      Diatomaceous earth – I feed this to them to kill internal parasites. Under microscopic terms, this earth appears like sharp minute razor blades, which destroys all parasites in the intestine that comes into its contact. Very good for their general health as all animals carry parasites, including humans. This is recommended for human consumption as well.

      Crushed oyster shell and lime stone to aid in their digestive system. They keep this mineral in their gizzard where it assists in the grinding of their food and aids in strengthening wings and bones, which are the common injuries.

      Whole flax seed – This is added as a preventative measure to heart attacks as fowl are as nervous as bunnies. They can die from heart attacks easily. This is witnessed by the bird laying on its back with one leg sticking up vertically.

      Roughage, grains, Vitamins A, B, D, and E are added. Vitamin B in all its forms is vital to the health of all the animals on the farm.
      This feed is mixed especially for us by a Mennonite company in Lancaster County, PA. It is prepared 2 days before delivery, so our feed is fresh all of the time. Sadly, most free range farms purchase bag feed, which could have been sitting around in a warehouse for an immeasurable amount of time. This is important because bio-security for the health of your animals and farm should be the primary concern. Bags of feed that sit around are exposed to rodents. Rodent feces is a common carrier of viral and bacterial infections. Even the smallest farm should have their perimeter guarded by rat bait boxes. We have our land perimeter as well as the interior and exterior perimeter of all of our vital buildings baited.

      Free range pasture and insects – The primary diet of the fowl is pasture, insects, worms, and the like. This is wonderful during the seasons that Mother Nature provides so graciously, but in the winter, the fowl require a steady protein diet, which is found from the special order food we provide to them. We serve them Apple Cider Vinegar in the winter to maintain their stamina and immune system.

      The most important factor is the fact that our fowl are free to eat what they please. When their bodies tell them they need more grain, they have access to it. All birds require protein to lay an egg regularly. The hens lay an egg each day, but the ducks lay an egg about every 4-5 days. This is one reason why the duck eggs are rich and creamy compared to the chicken egg. Our ducks and chickens are never exposed to ditch or pond water where they could consume algae and fish. This is another reason why the quality flavor of our bird eggs is appreciated by our customer base.

      Every weekend we are at farmers markets in Washington, D. C. We are at the Cleveland Park Farmers Market on Saturday mornings located at 4319 NW Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC 20008, and on Sunday at Palisades Farmers Market at MacArthur Blvd NW & 48th Pl NW, Washington, DC 20007. I hope that you can some see us there.

      I hope this answers your questions.


  • Elizabeth

    Hi – you posted that you’re at the “Cleveland Park Farmers Market on Saturday mornings located at 4319 NW Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC 20008.”

    4319 Connecticut Avenue would be by the UDC in Van Ness, while the Cleveland Park one is further south around 3500 Connecticut Avenue – which market are you at? Thanks.

    • JacQˈui Post author

      Sorry for the confusion. The address for the Cleveland Park Farmers Market is 3412 Connecticut Avenue North West Washington, DC. It is by Byblos Deli near the movie theater.

  • Chet Kern

    One of your good customer’s Maureen who purchases from you at the Cleveland Park market referred me for Lump crabmeat. I’m hoping you can ship overnight to New York City.
    If not, perhaps, you can give a recommendation to Mr for someone that has the same great quality, who can ship.

    • JacQˈui Post author

      Thank you for your interest. I do not have the capability at this time to send crab meat through the mail, nor do I know a place that can. I hope that some day you can stop by the market though, and get some fresh.

  • Lindsay

    Our 4 year old, Charlie, votes to name the baby goat Flossie, that we met today at Palisades farmers market. He lined her floppy ears!

    • JacQˈui Post author

      Thank you for asking, and YES we do sell our duck eggs at both the Cleveland Park and the Palisades Farmers Markets. Each week we bring our fresh duck eggs.

      Please use this link to find the addresses of the farmers markets. The addresses have been updated to show the correct address for Cleveland Park.


      We hope to see you there!