Blizzard of January 2018

The blizzard took us by surprise on the Eastern Shore. The wind howled for two days, and we got over a foot of snow, much more than any of the forecasters thought that we might. Once the wind stopped, it was quite beautiful!

Our animals on the other hand, didn’t know what to do in this weather. The ducks in particular needed some help. We left the barn open and to encourage them to go in we put their food and water pools in there, but they normally so happy outside, that they did not go in.

When we went out to check on them, they were all huddled together in the field covered in snow. The snow was so deep that they could not walk in it, so my husband, Tom, used the Bobcat to plow them a path while I walked behind and herded them in the direction of the barn. The poor things were so hungry and thirsty! We had to carry buckets of water for them for a few days because it was so cold that their water kept freezing.

Post some of your snow photos in the comments!

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