Have you tasted a duck egg?


Did you know that ducks and duck eggs are not a regulated commodity that is overseen by the government? There is not a governing body that checks up the safety and biosecurity of these animals, but at Happy Hens Barnyard we use the same biosecurity measures for our ducks as for our chickens. We run our farm with ethical practices and stewardship that has helped our duck egg market grow. These practices produce a high quality, healthy product that our customers can count on. Duck eggs are becoming more and more popular in our markets.

Khaki Campbell ducks lay large white eggs with an almost transparent appearance when compared to chicken eggs. The shells are quite hard, and in my kitchen I crack them with a large chef’s knife.

The eggs are picked up twice a day, just like an Easter Egg hunt with a basket. The ducks have an open field to lay their eggs in and the eggs are found everywhere. Some ducks do like to create nests in the taller grass around the perimeter of the field and more than one duck will share the nest. We do not use cut the grass or use weed killer so that the wild grass creates as much of a natural environment as we can provide. At other times the crazy ducks will run through the yard chasing a bug, and out pops and egg! Eggs can be scattered all around the yard.

Ducks are a high protein animal who only lays eggs every four or five days. This longer gestation period contributes to the rich, creamy flavor of the eggs when compared to free range chicken eggs. The duck eggs are good for scrambling, baking, making quiché or frittata. The texture is very dense and makes a hardy meal.

Duck egg yolks are much brighter orange than our sunny, free—range chicken eggs. The color is created naturally; nothing is added to our feed to enhance the color. Some feed companies add marigolds to their feed to make the chicken yolks more yellow so that consumers feel as if they are getting a free range egg when they are not.

Ducks eggs are also a lot larger than chicken eggs, they make a hardy breakfast. Check out our kitchen page for our recipe videos and search through the web site for a duck egg coupon to print and bring to the Cleveland Park or Palisades Farmers Market for our weekly special.

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