Our Duck Habitat 2

Our Duck’s Farm Habitat


So where do ducks like to live? What kind of house do they prefer?

At the farm, our ducks have nearly an acre of open pasture to live in. They do not have to share their field with any of the other farm animals, and they are free to graze as they please. The field grows natural plants that the ducks can eat, and they have trees for shade.

Our ducks will live at our farm as long as they can produce eggs regularly. So far we have not needed to add to our flock, but they are very vulnerable to predators. We lose a duck every couple days to a predator. The ducks are docile and friendly, and do not have a pack mentality to help protect each other. Khaki Campbell’s are one of only two varieties of ducks that do not fly. Eagles claim our ducks on a regular basis, but there are also raccoons, fox, opossums, owls, and hawks that prey upon them.

In addition to the field, they have a barn shelter they can use for bad weather days. We encourage them to use the barn where they would be safer at night, but they often choose not to go in. When we do get them penned up at night, they often find an escape hatch and rarely stay penned up all through the night. One of our next projects is to build a smaller corral for night-time with netting over it to deter predators.

Ducks love water, but here at our farm there are no fresh streams or ponds. We give our ducks their own kiddie pool ponds that gets cleaned and filled with fresh water regularly. In the past our ducks had access to a stream bordering a neighboring farm. Once the neighboring farmer sprayed his farm with chemicals and 30 of our ducks died a slow painful death that I believed was caused by chemical runoff.

Shortly thereafter we moved our ducks to the opposite side of our farm, bordering a residential house, and since then they have been very healthy. They no longer have access to natural streams, but do get their water fresh from our well. Each day the plastic kiddie pools are filled with fresh water and the ducks swing, splash, and play as they would in nature.

Next time we will talk about the wonderful eggs that they provide us!



















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